I don’t believe in ghosts (looks over shoulder). But some strange things have been happening recently at my house.

It started with the smoke alarms randomly going off at odd hours of the night. The batteries are new; we got new alarms. There’s no fire or smoke. Still, they blare.

Then, the light in our bedroom ceiling fan snapped on at two in the morning flooding our room and waking us up. My husband said the light turned on because of a random surge in the electricity. He has no answer for the smoke alarms. They do seem to mostly screech on foggy nights, but not every foggy night – so maybe moisture is setting them off?

A few times, I’ve been working at our breakfast table. I’m home alone. The house is silent. Suddenly, a toy starts singing in the family room; its lights flash. This weirds me out.

The creepiest though is when a puzzle with animal sounds randomly meows or oinks when I’m home alone, working at the breakfast table. The puzzle is stored on a shelf about twenty feet away. I can see a corner of it. And there’s definitely no one standing near it. This puzzle is supposed to only make noise when the appropriate animal is fitted in its home slot. I checked. The animals were all snug in their places! This has happened more than once.

The other night, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was too hot in my own bedroom, so I stumbled groggily down the hall to another bedroom. I closed the shutters on the windows and the closet door and climbed into bed.

I feel asleep and dreamed of footsteps clattering down the hall to my own bedroom, the room I had so recently left. The dream was vivid. I was scared. I wondered who was in the house. I dreamed I scooched further down under the blanket, thankful I was in my own bedroom safely next to my husband.

Then I woke up.

And I was in the bedroom where the footsteps originated!

Heart pounding, I scurried back to my own bedroom. Jumped into bed. Pulled the covers up around my neck and sweated until I finally fell asleep.

What do you think? A haunting?