I read in an article today that Peyton Manning is retiring from football and is looking for something to fill his time after being a star athlete for so many years. I’d like to nominate him for President of the United States!

I also have another proposal. The NFL should start a third political party with Peyton Manning as its candidate for President. The NFL has thirty two billionaire owners so there would be plenty of money to run a campaign without accepting contributions from lobbyists and special interests  – a fully self-funded campaign! As we all know, being a billionaire is a “huge” qualification for being President. (see: Donald J. Trump and Michael Bloomberg) Just think of someone backed by 32 billionaires!!

Not only is Peyton Manning the darling of the NFL, he also has all of the following qualifications for President:

  1. He has two Super Bowl rings
  2. He’s successfully led two NFL teams to the Super Bowl multiple times
  3. He knows how to direct an offense
  4. He’s a well-known and liked television spokesperson. Even when he sells insurance!
  5. He’s created jobs(think of all the coaching, etc,) plus provided merchandise opportunities
  6. He’s part of a televised family legacy
  7. He’s never deflated footballs
  8. Did I mention he’s a winner!