A trip to urgent care with a 102 degree fever spike led to the surprising diagnosis of pneumonia. I wasn’t even coughing or congested, and had literally just gotten off the train from Los Angeles where I spent the day touring a new modern art museum with my aunt. I was hiking the weekend before; biking, walking and running the previous week. Go figure.

The diagnosis forced me to lie down, to rest, to STOP. Here’s what I learned during that period of forced observation:

  1. I don’t appreciate my husband enough. Thanks honey for washing and changing the bed sheets as many times as I asked without complaint!
  2. I spend too much time cleaning my house. Just because I’ve designated Thursday as dusting day doesn’t mean it can’t wait until whenever: like when there actually is dust.
  3. There aren’t enough lighthearted romantic comedies anymore; I looked. Fortunately, The Importance of Being Earnest (which I own) is still one of my favorites. Love Judi Dench.
  4. My own backyard is pretty darn beautiful. It won’t ever be featured in a home and garden magazine, and there’s definitely no edible human food growing, but my backyard has flowing ferns, towering palms, sassy succulents and a slope of eye popping tiny purple flowers.
  5. Dogs have big hearts. Two family veterinarians examined my chest X-ray. Both reported back that I did indeed have pneumonia. After further independent study, both determined it was easier to find a dog’s heart because it appears so much larger. (But I think I might have already known that.)