This is simply one woman reflecting on the historical achievement of another woman.

I must admit, I was surprised at the thrill of excitement I felt when I learned that a woman was for the first time in United States history the presumptive nominee of a major political party. This is a historic moment no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, and something for women to celebrate.

Now, I know, some will lament and wish this woman wasn’t Hillary Clinton. But can we just set that aside and consider this moment in history?

Women were given the right to vote in August 1920 when three fourths of the states ratified the 19th amendment to the constitution first proposed by Congress in May 1919. This came after many years of struggle during which women marched for the vote, were thrown in jail and were abused for demanding the right to vote.

This struggle is hard for me to imagine and something I often take for granted when elections roll around.  This right to vote – I can confidently walk into the polling place and mark my selections – was earned nearly 150 years after the founding of our nation. Now, we are witness to another historic moment nearly 100 years after earning that right.

I don’t know if this will be the year we elect the first woman as President. But for now, in this moment, I’m celebrating this historic achievement for women.