The world is full of choices, some with greater risk than others. But how often do I weigh my choices when it’s easier to just stick with the familiar?

Here are the easy choices: what should I cook for dinner?, where should we eat out?, what should I wear today? Still, I find myself falling back into the usual ruts of cooking the same foods, choosing the same restaurants and wearing the same outfits because I already know I like them. Why take the risk of trying something I might not like? After all, my happiness is at stake!

Now that I’m older, I also find it easier to choose not to do something I’ve tried many times and know I don’t enjoy. Like ice skating.

Some choices aren’t as easy, and involve greater risks involving the potential of time or money wasted or challenges to my personal beliefs.  It’s so easy to choose my familiar routines (without even thinking) and to read or talk about issues with those I’ve deemed “safe.”

I don’t want to be like this.

I want to read books by authors who aren’t familiar to me. I want to visit places I’ve never seen. I want to jump off a sailboat into the ocean. Wait…I’ve done that before…twice. I want to hike new mountains, bicycle different trails, say hello to someone I’ve never met, help a stranger, try a new food, respectfully listen to someone with an opposing view, tell someone special I love him/her.

I want to wake up each day aware that I have choices.

I’m definitely getting that blue watermelon flavor next time. Or at least asking for a taste!