It’s been six days since we found out our beloved Buddy has an inoperable mass in his chest. Sad and surprising news for us as he will only be ten years old next month. We thought we had at least a few more years with him.

When we brought him home from the vet hospital, we were told he had a few days to a few weeks to live. Two tests were negative for cancer. A third showed cancer is a possibility.

So now we wait in the sad. It’s a hard place to be.

Each night, I go to bed sad that Buddy might die in his sleep. Each morning, I wake up thrilled to see his wagging tail.

Other dogs have been a part of our family, but Buddy holds a special place in my heart. We adopted him when our youngest was in high school. The oldest were already gone. Buddy got me through the rough days after our youngest left home. He went with me to the park, the beach and a favorite coffee spot. He’s been faithful in daily walks. He’s been beside me through the writing of almost four novels. He’s truly been my buddy.

My eyes are welling with tears and my cheeks are damp as I type this. I suspect I’ll be this way for awhile. But that’s okay because the love he’s given us for the past (almost) ten years makes the sad bearable.