Now that we have a puppy, I’ve been thinking a lot about consistent discipline. In the short time, maintaining consistent discipline is hard. But, in the long term, I know it will pay off.

Our puppy is five months old. It’s super cute now when he jumps on us, but I know it won’t be when he weighs seventy plus pounds. How adorable is it when he puts his paws on our laps when we’re eating breakfast or dinner? I just want to squeeze that puppy face. BUT…

He needs to learn how to walk, sit, stay, lay down and come. How many times must I remind him that he cannot steal food from the grandchildren or constantly lick our bare legs and toes? Apparently an infinite number of times!

I know someday he’ll no longer run off with teeny tiny Legos in his mouth. But, until then, I must stick with the consistent discipline. (My inner pep talk!)

Raising a puppy is somewhat similar to raising children. Some days you’re just too tired to follow through one more time! Also, sometimes your partner is not on the same page. That’s when long term thinking needs to kick in – keeping your eyes on the prize.

Speaking of consistent discipline, long term thinking can be applied to many different life areas. Many days, when I was training for the recent La Jolla Half Marathon, I didn’t want to do a training run. I wasn’t in the mood. The weather wasn’t perfect. I was tired. Wah wah wah. I constantly needed to remind myself of the goal.

Writing a novel requires consistent discipline. Writing can be a lonely passion. More often than not, I get lost in the work and really enjoy it. However, there are those days where anything else – including vacuuming – seems more interesting!

What areas in your life are you struggling to maintain consistent discipline?