I was car less in Southern California for nearly two weeks after a minor accident. Three heavy crates flew off of a truck on the freeway, and hit my car, damaging the bumper and fender.

The first week, I was feeling somewhat empowered by this whole car less adventure. I told myself and others that this was a good lesson in simplification. I had been driving my car around too much for no good reason.

I work from home, so what did I really need a car for anyway?

I grew up in a family that shared one car. This was made possible by a network of readily available public transportation. This same network is not so readily available in Southern California.

We used my husband’s car to go to the grocery store on the weekend. I got a ride with others to various activities. I knew I could rely on a ride sharing app if needed.

Then, week two arrived and I still didn’t have my car.

I told myself I could bicycle to the grocery store or even walk if I really needed food. How fortunate that the nearest Trader Joe’s is ONLY ONE MILE AWAY!!

I walk the dog for up to three miles. I bicycle up to thirty miles. But I did not want to walk or bicycle to the grocery. I came up with a million excuses; I didn’t have a bike lock; Walking to the store would take too much time. How spoiled is that? Another lesson: gratitude for not only a nearby grocery but for the convenience of a car. Not to mention roads and money for gas.

Today, I finally got my car back. It looks amazing for a 2008 Honda Civic. I was almost afraid to drive it.

But then I did…to two different grocery stores.