Dreams interpretations. I’m not always good at figuring out dreams. So, I thought I’d start off the new year by sharing some recent vivid dreams I experienced.

I don’t always remember my dreams, but on this particular night I was startled from sleep about 5 a.m. and fell back to sleep for another hour. I usually wake up about 6 a.m. Or, I should say, my husband wakes me up then. Given the choice, I would sleep later!

Anyway, I had about an hour of what I’ll call not so deep sleep which is why I believe I so vividly remember these particular dreams.

Dream one: We arrive at a restaurant only to discover the restaurant is full. We don’t have reservations. We’ll have to wait. We settle down to wait…and wait…and wait. We’re about to give up and leave when my parents show up. “You can’t get in,” I say. “There’s a long wait.” “No problem,” my parents reply. “We have reservations.” And in they walk. Oh yeah..that night a particularly famous dancer is performing at the restaurant which is why it’s so busy. But I missed the performance because I didn’t think to make reservations.

Dream two: I’m driving an unfamiliar car. I think it’s a truck or an SUV. I’m in a parking lot. All of a sudden another car speeds towards me. I’m desperate to get away. But all I can do is reverse. I don’t know how to put the unfamiliar vehicle in drive and move forward. I do manage to avoid the other car by reversing, but I know I can’t do this for long.

Dream three: I’m in a building. I can’t figure out how to get out. I can look out windows and see the street, but I cannot find an exit to the street.

As we enter this new year, I’m thinking my dreams are showing me I don’t feel prepared. Now, I’m just waiting for the dreams that tell me how to be ready. What do you think about dreams?