Another school shooting! One side says past time for stricter gun control. Another says not the time to talk about gun control.

So which is it? These two reactions are not working, so let’s find a third way.

When I was in school, along with the fire drills, we had regular drills to practice for the event of a nuclear bomb explosion. We would all file out into the hall, kneel and face the wall with our heads bowed and our hands crossed over our necks. I have no idea how this was supposed to protect us from a nuclear blast.

After Columbine and Sandy Hook and countless others, we were told parents should report their kids with mental illnesses. (When in doubt – blame the parents! Blame mental illness!) Then, the parents reported their mentally ill son to the Santa Barbara police. The police checked the son out, and yet he was still able to shoot and kill college students.

We don’t know why the Las Vegas shooter picked a concert except that he wanted to find the largest number of people to kill. We’re told the answer is to ban assault weapons. But wait…kits are sold over the internet to convert guns to assault weapons.

We’ve been told the media shouldn’t report the name of the shooter. That the shooter is simply looking for fame. But how do you stop the social media posting?

Some have suggested arming teachers. That sounds like a recipe for the death of more innocent bystanders. The most recent school shooter dropped his weapons, blended in with the fleeing students and got away from the school. The arresting officer has even said the shooter looked like a student. The officer almost didn’t stop him.

I don’t know what the answer is. But I do know that kids are no longer filing out into the halls and kneeling to survive a nuclear bomb blast. Somehow, our leaders have found a way to manage the nuclear bomb threat.

In California, we agree that schools should be earthquake safe. Who doesn’t believe schools should be safe from all violence? Natural or man-made. Concerts should be safe. Houses of worship should be safe.

Maybe we can simply start there. We have to start somewhere.