I am!

No one knows the origin of April Fool’s. But a vague history doesn’t stop me from dreaming up pranks.

Throughout the years, I’ve played different April Fool’s pranks on my daughters with varying degrees of success.

I can’t remember the pranks I played when they were younger. Except the time I put plastic wrap in the middle of their sandwiches. That didn’t work.

As they grew older, I got more creative. I moved my daughter’s parked car when she was in high school. But I didn’t move it too far, just to the other side of the street. I didn’t want her to panic and think her car was stolen. The problem was by the time she left school, she’d forgotten where she parked and didn’t notice the difference!

When I tried to play that same prank on my younger daughter, it fell flat. She was prepared to look for her car in a different location at lunch. I should have gone back and moved it a second time. But I didn’t. I was lazy that year.

Another time, I called my daughter at college and told her that her cat was having kittens. The cat was spayed. I succeeded in fooling her though. I doubt this prank would work again as she’s a veterinarian now

One of my best pranks was when I called another daughter at college and told her one of her ex-boyfriends was knocking on our front door. He was not a favorite of anybody’s. I whispered into the phone, asking my daughter what I should do. She believed me. =)

Who knew there was a superstition that pranks must stop by noon or the joke will bring bad luck to the perpetrator of the prank? Or that those who fail to respond to the tricks with good humor will attract bad luck?

I haven’t really thought of any pranks for this year. How about you?