We have a dripping faucet in our kitchen.

It’s become very difficult to turn that drip off. We’ll shift the faucet lever this way, then that way and finally (if we’re lucky) it will no longer drip.

I discovered the other day how to make it stop dripping completely.

I called the plumber.

As soon as I hung up the phone, the faucet (which neither one of us had recently manipulated) was dry!

“It knows the plumber is coming,” my husband said.

Of course we know that statement is ridiculous. But how many times has a scenario like this happened to you?

Another example with the flu season approaching. You’re not feeling well. You’ve spent days in bed suffering with a fever/vomiting/coughing/etc. You finally make an appointment to see the doctor.

As usual all symptoms mysteriously vanish the minute you sit on that paper-covered exam table. You think to yourself why didn’t I make an appointment sooner???

Or how about this? Your young child has an adorable way of always saying macaroni and cheese. Your friend is visiting. You make macaroni and cheese for lunch. You’re waiting with a smile for your child to verbalize that unique version of macaroni. You want your friend to share in the cuteness.

And your child perfectly pronounces the word!

When the plumber first arrived, I promised him that our faucet actually did leak, but that it stopped just that morning. He laughed and told me he always heard that from customers.

Maybe…I’m betting there will be that one time when a faucet will still be boldly dripping when he arrives.

The plumber had to order a part to fix our leaky faucet. It won’t arrive for at least a week. As soon as the plumber left, the faucet started dripping again.

Maybe our faucet will be the one to break the always curse.