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Rule Follower or Rule Breaker?

My answer: I notice when others break the rule. In general, I do my best to be a respectful member of society. Yes, I occasionally break a rule. I walk where I’m not supposed to; I sometimes drive faster than I should. I’ve let my dog off-leash on a field and on trails that were […]

Raising Adult Children?

In the first flush of parenthood, it’s hard to imagine that the helpless newborn cradled in your arms will someday be an adult. Babies need help with everything. They can’t eat, sleep or clean themselves. They would not survive without you. Toddlers need constant supervision. They have no concept of what’s safe and what isn’t. […]

Subscribe to Your Local Newspaper

It’s the right thing to do even if you don’t read it every day or agree with all the editorials. I cancelled my subscription to my local newspaper years ago. I just didn’t have the time to read it through, and I was on a cost-saving jag. I thought I could just as easily keep […]

A Missed Opportunity?

I look at the most recent viral video and wonder, did the Catholic school chaperones miss a teachable moment? Teens do not have fully developed brains. They often do not have impulse control. This is scientific fact. This is why we scratch our heads and wonder how could a teen who gets straight A’s do […]